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It's never been easier to research and compare mortgage rates! Whether you are considering a refinance of your existing mortgage or purchasing a new home, you can quickly and easily find real-time mortgage rates and fees from nationwide lenders. It's simple, just enter a few details about your loan and see the real-time results.

Sort by APR, lowest interest rates, monthly payments, or lowest lender fees and compare lenders side-by-side.

When you find a mortgage that is right for you, or if you want to ask the lender a question, either call the toll-free number or fill out the contact form. Mortgage rates are updated throughout the day to ensure accuracy. Remember to use Jean Chatzky's Scorebuilder in SmartCredit to get your credit to the best possible health so you qualify for the best mortgage!

A mortgage rate is the interest amount you pay to borrow money to buy a home, pay a second mortgage, or obtain other home equity lines of credit. The interest rate you pay is the key factor towards your monthly payments.

There are both fixed and variable rate loans offered by lenders. Fixed rate loan rates are set at the origination of the loan and are fixed for the life of that loan. For example, a lender may offer both a 30 Year Fixed Rate and a 15 Year Fixed Rate. For adjustable rate mortgages (ARM), the loan interest rate can change over time and is often based on a current rate index. Often adjustable rates begin lower, but have higher risk loans as the rate can rise based on market factors. The best way to pay less on your loan is to compare multiple lenders and their current rates for both loan types.