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About SmartCredit®

If your credit score had a superpower, it'd be the key to unlocking life's biggest milestones. But it wasn't that long ago that people couldn't even see their score. Since 2003, we've been giving Americans an easier way to unlock their full financial potential. We show consumers exactly how their financial decisions impact their credit scores and how they can control that number to reach their financial goals. Thanks to our $1 Million Whole Family Fraud Insurance, you can make sure those points are guarded.

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SmartCredit® is also the go-to solution for companies in the credit and finance space. For more information on becoming a SmartCredit® partner click here.

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We proudly partner with over 60,000 financial institutions, banks, and lenders, making it easier to handle your money and credit, regardless of who you bank with or borrow from.

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